• He took care of me the whole time I was preggy.
  • He dressed my CS wound after I gave birth up to many months after that.
  • He cooks for us, cleans the house for us, became my super assistant at a time when I was overwhelmed by motherhood.
  • Through the years, he’d do stuff that I’d ask him to do — errands, handyman stuff, constant hugs, caresses and kisses.
  • Even when he’s too tired to perform in bed, he always makes me come 100% of the time, no excuses. Acts of Service and Touch are my two primary love languages and I have all the receipts to prove it. While his are Loving Words of Encouragement and Acts of Service.
  • He’s a very good, hands-on, sweet father to Tuz.
  • He supports me in everything I want to accomplish.
  • He’s my number fan, cheerleader, and supporter in all things.




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Jen Adams

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