As our 7th anniversary was fast approaching, I was tapped by Mommy Ruby of CDO Bloggers Group to participate in a campaign by a certan insurance company. It was about being stronger now despite whatever it is that we are struggling with. What came to mind was about being stronger than my demons because as I’ve mentioned before, my emotinal and mental health haven’t been that well lately.

Below, I am sharing with you the original draft of what I wrote in that campaign which in a way helped me recognize my power, my strength, and sense of resilience.

And further down below, You can watch the entire video on how we spent our 7th anniversary despite the lockdown here in Oslob.

I am Jennie Vee, and I am #StrongerthanmyDemons

For more than 2 years now since my marriage had been annulled, my current partner and I have been having on and off fights about the reasons why we are not yet married. What’s holding us back? Why haven’t we crossed that bridge yet? Don’t we love each other for real? Is the life we’re living and the business and other side hustles we’ve built not enough for us to solidify our relationship? Are we still waiting for the next best thing? Maybe we didn’t really love each other. Maybe we are not yet each other’s “The One”. All these questions and doubts, personally, for me, started creeping into my subconscious. I was a worrywart and it affected my health, my energy levels (hence, the lack of updates here before in case you’ve noticed), my work, my everyday life to the point that we broke up a couple of times in those 2 years and I thought of leaving our son with him so I can go back to my former carefree life of work and travel.

Before I met him, I didn’t want to become a mom but I did it out of my love for him because he wanted to have a kid. Plus, I was getting old and if we wait for my annulment to be granted at that time, I might not be able to bear a child anymore considering that I was in my late 30’s and I’ve always been polycystic.

Fast forward to those horrible fights… we’d always patch things up after, kiss and make up so to speak, and here I am living in his hometown, in his own property. If our relationship doesn’t work out, it will be ONE BIG LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE FOR ME TO GET OUT OF HERE! We own so much stuff together and our money’s intertwined!

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